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You can't leave our territory without knowing the principal
characters of our stories. In Maremma they are:

Princess Marsilia
Who was kidnapped from her tower by pirates in 1450 and carried away through the sea. She was the most beautiful woman in Maremma with long red hair and green eyes. She became the wife of Suleiman sultan…

They came from Turkey and conquered the richness of the Maremma Region (the coastal plain between the Tuscany and Rome) with their large and light ships. Italian and Spanish armies fought hard against them…
An ancient population who grows up 1000 years B.C. in Central Italy and it gave origins to the roman kings. Etruscans loved all the pleasures of life, they worked iron, gold and silver. They believed in the soul's survival so they built monumental tombs: their culture is fascinating as like the Egyptian one. The woman was considered important as the man and they worshiped many gods...

Cow boys
In Maremma they are well known as “Butteri”. They are the horsemen who take care of the cattle. They live wildly into woods and swamps and they are able to do extraordinary exercises on horses. One of them around 1850 became a dangerous brigand and have challenged famous Billy the kid.

The animals
The two animals symbol of the Maremma, in addition to horses, are the wild boar and fox. Is very easy to see them at night through the country roads. The parks that host them are untouched, facing the sea, and today you can visit in the middle of the Etruscan ruins.

The game cards is original: children design and create their own cards, they learn the rules and play the game in pairs or more. They can bring back home the cards as a souvenir of Maremma…and keep playing!


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