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Kids’ Workshops by Marianna


Ciao, my name’s Marianna, I’m 28 years old and I live in a small gorgeous village on Mount Amiata in Tuscany. I’m an architect with a strong passion for art, nature and children, I’m also an official Tour Guide. Since I was a teenager I always worked with children in summers camps and workshops. I love making them drawing, creating and learning in original and funny ways.

A short resumé
One year of voluntary work in a public recreational centre as civil service
Summers 2006/2010
Children's entertainer for several Associations between Toscana and Lazio regions.
Summer 2011
Children's entertainer, personal workshops for Italian and foreign young guests in Perugia, Umbria, “Resort Hotel Meraviglia”
Summer 2012
Children's entertainer, team leader and workshops coordinator for Italian and foreign guests in Pitigliano, Tuscany, "Hotel Corano”
Summer 2013
Children's entertainer, organiser and coordinator of personal workshops held in partnership with Cellere’s municipality, Lazio
Summer 2014
Children's entertainer, creator and workshops’ leader within the summer activity of the Camping Capalbio, Tuscany.

I worked with young children of different ages from 4 to 16 yo.


Workshops’ Abstract

Combining my passions for arts, local traditions and nature, I originally developed and carried out 3 different kinds of workshops for children:

- Educational
- Creative
- Nature and Recycling

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The aim is sharing and understanding uses, history and traditions of the land in which you live or you’re on holiday. The participants learn various topics through the use of cards games, masks, performances and costumes, studied and rearranged by myself on ancient tales.
Through the use of colours and other materials children free their imagination. We interpret the reality representing the landscape: we paste leaves, sand, little stones on the paper. To paint we use pencils and brushes but also  fingers, ice, soap bubbles and… spaghetti in a box!


We learn how to understand and respect the beautiful environment around us. We invent and design new games inspired by ancient traditions, we reuse materials such as bottles and plastic caps. To learn natural process, we plant lentils in little vases and then we observe how they grows in four-five days. Finally we are proud of our laborious production and the buds are ready to back home with us!




Children are very amazed when they discover that we can do a fossil in ten minutes. It’s an easy way to learn about archeology and dinosaurs.  

bottles, cord, sticks, plastic glass, caps
These games belong to the past of Italian villages and towns, they’re intuitive and every child in the world is able to play with them.

@Marianna Febbi
thanks to Diego Quatrini

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